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Bid To Service

What is it?


t is an application whereby a market is created where service providers and clients meet to exchange promoted services, tasks and optimum payments.

When a consumer posts a task that needs completion with a bided price; the service provider (agent) can promote his service at his optimum price. Once agreed, the applications locates the task for the agent. When the task is confirmed completed the consumer will automatically have his money transferred at a click.

Agents, at payment, are charged with a small free for every task. Agents are compelled to register with their related association in order to be interviewed by Sobek IT team. This is vital for security and background check. It allows a secured and effective structure for both the consumer and the agent.


One tap and you will be at a place where you promote your skilled service to get the nearest task at your optimum price and also, have the chance to improve yourself – and we will always have your back. Be your own entrepreneur.


Post any task for assistance, the nearest agent will be at your door. We assure that agents will prevail qualified skills at your optimum price. We care for your convenience, safety and satisfaction at your affordability. You can pay either through card/cash/wallet.