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What is it?


co-doc is a document delivery system that can be utilized by Brands with in the Banking, Retail and FMCG industries. This enables the Brand to share documents such as; coupons, electronic forms and brochures to both an existing consumer base as well as acquiring new consumers on their products or services.

The Banking industry:

More often than not even though banking applications can be done online they do not always have all the relevant documents available. This can be remedied by using a short code facility that the consumer can use to acquire a specific set of documents. These can then be accessed at the consumer’s leisure, can be filled out rescanned and submitted. The bank can also track these particular documents in real time with our data metrics.

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The Retail Industry:

A vast amount is spent on printing each month within in the retail industry, these are used for promotional items or sale items and then distributed in shopping centers, residential areas or car parks. Unfortunately, the retailer has no way of gauging on the delivery and more often than not the pamphlet lands up in the trash bin or lies forgotten in the consumer’s car. With Ecodoc it is so much simpler and cheaper, the retailer can attach a service code on the promotional or sales pamphlets. This will enable the retailer to see the success of their campaigns. It also enables the retailer to see which demographic performs and which does not allow for future campaigns to be better orientated.

The FMCG Industry

Product promotion goes hand in hand with Brand Awareness. Instore activation of products and wet drives are a key component for allowing the consumer to interact with the product first hand. However, the aforementioned are often costly and are done over a short period of time. Product brochures can be delivered to the consumer with event dates on when these products will be made available to the public and where the consumer can find them. This way the FMCG Brand can maximize on product drive output. Furthermore, consumer will have access to the brochure 24/7 which can drive home brand awareness. These are just some of uses for EcoDoc another key feature is that you as the Brand can set the parameters by which the database should function. You may not be interested in the age of the person enter acting with your message but you may only want key information like Demographics, Employed or Unemployed just to name a few. The Database can also be used for re-marketing allowing you to target the right people with the right product or service. EcoDoc is the next step in direct marketing, allowing the consumer to be served with relevant information pertaining to the Brand’s products and services. It is fast and easy, wondering if your message was received by other forms of media, now you can be assured that this media can deliver results based on the parameters you have set.