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More Revenue, Full Control and NO hassle!


hen you do large amounts of direct media buying or selling, the need for a proper ad serve is very important in terms of controlling your ad operations. We understand how difficult it can be to move digital inventory in the digital ad space. Agencies and Ad buying houses are often stuck with the more traditional media forms, and those are slowly losing momentum as the mobile sector grows. Often the metrics ascribe to traditional media is not measurable in comparison with a return on investment.

SOMAD overs a ONE platform that is both an ad server. Rich media studio, Data management platform and a private exchange and helps you to unlock greater value with audience profiles. SOMAD ONE allows publishers to monetize their digital assets in any way they like while giving them full control over their audiences, advertising media and sale strategies. Brands can now effectively approach any digital platform be it advertisers, ad agencies, trading desks, demand side platforms, ad exchanges or ad networks. SOMAD One helps you launch your campaign, showing the yield and helping you build your audience. You will be able reach your targeted audience on their Smart TV, desktop, tablet, smart phone or smart watch. SOMADS supports any advertising format any advertiser wants, and Is only bound by the restrictions set by the publisher, content or device type and to find the optimum mix between direct sold, automated trading and network mediation, maximizing publisher revenues.

SOMADS One Campaign offers a complete inventory monetization platform that helps publisher streamline ad operation for their direct sold campaigns and generate the most value from every ad impression. Easy to dashboard that carries all the elements that you will need to show your ROI. From Inventory Management, Campaign management to Audience targeting and Analytics just name a few. Directly tap into quality both locally and abroad demand including some of the largest brands. Instantly open your inventory to hundreds of RTB demand sources, exchanges, trading desks and ad networks. You will benefit from Brand Protection, full control, easy integration based on industry standard. Expand further by utilizing SOMAD PMP, a private marketing place that allows you to make direct programmatic deals with trusted advertisers using Deal ID. With our data management platform you can convert unstructured user data into valuable audience segments and use this to increase campaign performance. Build, use and optimize custom audiences on the fly and track and retarget users across any screen. This is fully integrated with ONE Campaign and ONE YieldAll data in one system so nothing gets lost in translation, giving you complete control over every aspect of your campaign. SOMADS One studio is a HTML5 Rich Media Toollkit that allows you to build engaging rich media ads across desktops, tablets and smartphones in less than 120 seconds by using drag and drop functionality and pre-made templates. Any and all creative materials can be used in any ad server platform. It has an intuitive work flow guiding you with simple steps to create breathtaking results. The canvas provides you with a clear path to insert video, images, swipes, scrolls and social share options for any and all advertising goals. Hyper-local advertising takes advantage of consumer’s real world position and is able to deliver relevant ads for products and serves that are in close proximity to the consumers’ current location promoting both brand awareness.