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Smart City

What is it?


s the name suggests, it is the creation of an urban developmental city or area, that relies on integrating Artificial Intelligence, Information and Communication Technology and Internet of Things in the capital’s assets; mainly, to provide security and accessibility.

Sobek Engineering (Pty) Ltd. and Sobek IT (Pty) Ltd. - Infrastructure and Software companies, respectively - cooperate to enhance the urban development and infrastructure within a capital; offering attached solutions to become more innovative and “Smart”. Collaborating, they create a reliable and structured urban infrastructure; which is the main aim and the optimal demand of “Smartening” a city.

Initiatives include:

  • Area Improvement (Retrofitting) and City Renewal (Redevelopment): area- based development transform existing areas, including slums, into better planned ones, thereby, improving liveability of the whole city.
  • City Extension (Greenfield) and City-Wide (Pan-City): developed around cities in order to accommodate the expanding population in urban areas.

Amongst many other solutions, we offer the following:

  • E-governance
  • Infrastructure and Data
  • Flow Management
  • Waste and Water Managementt
  • Digital Wallet
  • Suitable applications